We select rural students who demonstrate a strength or skill in a field, for example, life sciences, arts, music, literature, engineering, medicine, or social sciences, who are highly goal oriented and motivated but lack opportunities due to limited financial and educational resources.

Applicants must be from rural schools and if not in school, must have verifiable records that speak to their ability or area of strength. Once selected, he/she is supported by Arodhum to pursue his/her dream either through academic or vocational training of their choice to reach their highest potential in that chosen field of study.


Current: studying BE at BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore
Past: Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Interests: Math and Renewable energy

Bharamannna is from Telaginahatti village, 22 kms from Madwal town in Belgavi district. After scoring 83% in 10th standard, he joined a 3 year diploma program to study Mechanical Engineering at Government Polytechnic College, Belgavi, as he could not afford Engineering college fees. In his diploma coursework, he excelled scoring 93% who went on to score 175th rank in Common Entrance Test. He is very quite, gentle mannered, and very conscientious who loves to read a lot.

RAKSHITH KUMAR (2014 – 2016)

Selected in 2016, Rakshith is in first year of medicine at the Belgaum Medical College, Belgaum, Karnataka. Teachers in Morarji Desai residential school, Arakalgud town, Hassan District, Karnataka state, noticing Rakshith’s intellect and hard work, helped him gain admission with free tuition to Hassan Pre University College, Hassan. During 11 and 12th grade, he scored in the top 1% of his class. In the common admission test for undergrad, Rakshith scores made him eligible for Engineering, Medicine, Veterinary science, and Pharmacy tracks. He chose medicine and his favorite subjects are Physics, Math, and Art. Rakshith’s goal is to do research in medicine after completing MBBS. Degree.