Founder’s Letter


Arodhum, a Sanskrit word, meaning “to ascend to higher level”.

The concept of giving for me started very early in my childhood as a simple gesture involving a person. Giving became a transformative experience in my life that took firm roots by the time I was in 7th grade as a girl scout. My beloved math and science teacher, Sister Julian decided that I represent our school in a wellness eye camp. Dr. M.C. Modi, a pioneer of mobile eye care provided highly effective and low cost care to large numbers, performing a record, 5,95,019 surgeries in his lifetime in India. Starting in 1942, Dr. Modi traveled to villages and towns in southern India where local community groups would organize the eye camps that would provide medicine, and food for patients. His team would perform eye surgeries to remove cataracts to restore vision. As a volunteer in one such camp, I was inspired by seeing how a small team with very limited resources can come together and turn the place into a dynamic atmosphere. To this day I feel grateful that Sister Julian made me experience something extraordinary.

In high school, I observed my mother who was an elementary school teacher, contribute a portion of her small monthly salary to buy supplies for students that could not afford to buy school supplies and books. She strongly believed that giving made a difference and that willingness to give mattered more than how much was given.

Throughout my professional career, a question in the forefront of my mind was how to impact the present that will help shape a better future for people less fortunate that us? Seeing the impoverished learning environments in rural schools that remained unchanged decade after decade in Karnataka, I was convinced that one’s creative efforts would make the most impact in these rural communities. This was my impetus for Arodhum, to connect a network of like-minded individuals towards a singular goal: to enrich and improve learning environments for rural children so they are on a level playing field with urban students.

I am very fortunate that my family and friends are cheerleaders in Arodhum’s journey. I welcome and hope Arodhum inspires you to find that extraordinary transformative experience. Whether you choose to donate large or small, be a mentor or volunteer, I hope you appreciate the power of giving and it’s strength to transform us.

With Gratitude,
Manju Ramareddy