Vision & Mission


Arodhum believes in creating vibrant rural communities by identifying, nurturing, and developing talent and potential that exists in rural children. Our approach begins by enriching and improving learning environments of these children so they experience and embrace a future of virtuous cycle. We hope to create large group of talented individuals who will play a transformational role in changing their communities.


We address lack of creative and quality learning opportunities in rural areas at individual, group, and community levels.

At the individual level, we offer scholarships to deserving high school boys and girls to pursue their chosen academic and creative fields of excellence.

At the group level, we conduct literacy camps in elementary schools to enrich their learning. Camps focus on proficiency and mastery of languages that is critical to acquiring academic and vocational skills.

At the community level, our wellness health camps focus on well-child care that include overall health and hygiene, vision, hearing, and oral care.